Life after the graduate scheme

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By Jeni Lagan, Market Research Executive at Explain

I joined Explain Market Research on their graduate scheme in April 2015, while completing my MSc in Occupational and Organisational Psychology at Northumbria University. I was expecting to begin my career with the dreaded new-starter tasks like fetching drinks and photocopying, but how wrong I was! From the very start my team gave me comprehensive training and supported me in getting the experience I needed to succeed in the fast-paced research agency environment – data analysis, report writing, time management, and much more. From this I gained the skills and confidence to design projects from inception, deliver insightful findings, and liaise with clients at all levels.

Having begun as a Market Research Assistant, I was promoted twice during my 12 months on the programme – first to Market Research Coordinator, and then to my current project management role of Market Research Executive. I’ve also had the opportunity to complete a certificate qualification in Market & Social Research with the world’s leading research association, the Market Research Society (MRS).

I have now been an Executive for over nine months and it has been a whirlwind, but I’ve loved every minute! The challenges faced as a graduate are now responsibilities I take on day to day. There’s never a boring moment, with new clients and research projects always around the corner. Although I’m no longer on the graduate scheme, I’m still learning something new each day; even in these short nine months as an Executive my role has blossomed and developed.

Working at Explain you realise just how far teamwork will take you; in 18 months I’ve gone from using my colleagues for training and support, to providing the same guidance to our current graduates.

Why not get in touch if you’d like to find out more about our graduate recruitment? You can find my contact details on the team page of our website.



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