Ofwat recognise Explain’s knowledge in vulnerable and ‘hard to reach’ customer research

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Research with customers living in vulnerable circumstances and other ‘hard to reach’ groups is a requirement that more and more insight and market research managers are having to address as part of their roles. Not only are regulators applying pressure on organisations to demonstrate that they are inclusive, but there is huge value for businesses to be more effective in their engagement with those who are utilising services inefficiently.

Explain Market Research has developed methodologies to engage with vulnerable and hard to reach customers, particularly within the utilities sector – a sector which is at the forefront of innovation in identifying, engaging and effectively communicating with hard to reach customers.

Regulator Ofwat urged the water industry to consider how they are interacting with vulnerable and hard to reach customers, and set out examples of how water companies should consider the expectations of what good service looks like to these customers.

Ofwat recently published our recommendations on engaging with vulnerable and hard to reach customers on their website.

Our team at Explain Research has extensive knowledge and experience in the utilities sector, having conducted research programmes on behalf of water and electricity organisations for nearly two decades, and have developed tips for engaging with vulnerable customers. See our infographic below to learn more.

Our approach is tried and tested and is embedded in our research methodologies. We are delivering key insights to our clients within the water and electricity industries, and are continuously looking at innovative ways to continue to engage with vulnerable and hard to reach customers.

For further information, please contact us today to find out more.

Author: explainmarketresearch

We are a market research agency that has delivered high quality and reliable insight to our customers across three decades. From utilities to financial services, and social housing to healthcare, we continue to help our customers identify areas where they can make a positive impact on their business.

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